Red Lines of the Internet, A Fairer Future, Problem Solver Beer & Will Boys Be Boys? (B+A Bulletin #178)

Red Lines of the Internet, A Fairer Future, Problem Solver Beer & Will Boys Be Boys? (B+A Bulletin #178)

B+A Breaking

Hey you, it’s me…

Me being ~~Luke~~, returning triumphant to the Bulletin after a surprise elbow-fractured hiatus. Props to Tamika for keeping things in check here and also, via last week’s edition, informing my mum about my little injury before I did. Oops.

Last week we stuffed the St Barnabas Chapel as much as we were allowed, and then a lil bit more for good measure, for Accidental Power Cut number 2 of 3. The final slice (for now…) is just round the corner on Wednesday 27 March – diarise and we’ll send a link asap!

And if you want to whet ya aural palette in anticipation, you can listen back to the performances from our first event on NTS Radio’s Floating Roofs, episode 17.02.19.

Okay then, now I’ve got your attention, let’s hop to it. Roll Call, Bulletin #178…

B+A Brilliance

We might all be plugged in on the daily, but getting to grips with how the Internet, um, happens sure ain’t easy. So Evan Roth and ArtAngel are trying to fill in some of the blanks via Red Lines.

It’s an interactive, living piece you can set up in your home, using an old device – wasn’t hard to find 1 or 2 of those lying around – to display real-time images from the landscapes where the cables that make the Internet possible emerge from the sea. Who knew?

B+A Books etc.

Thank you Ben for tipping us off to our next Book Club read. Now that we are all successfully thinking like anthropologists, our next step will (hopefully) be building a sustainable global economy – with a bit of help from L. Hunter Lovins et al. A Finer Future: Creating an Economy in Service to Life. Nice to meet you.

B+A Big Up

… From one dynamic and visionary Ben to another! It really is very important that you find 12 minutes to watch this TEDx talk by facilitator, educator and great friend of B+A Ben Hurst.

Ben talks about the dangerousness of that catch-all idiom ‘boys will be boys’ and how vital it is that we develop a minimum standard of behaviour in all men. Click Click, you know what to do.

B+A Babble

What’s the key to creativity? Countless books (and consultancies) will try to sell you the answer, but maybe it’s simpler than you think. After research conducted by the University of Chicago that suggested it’s all about reaching the optimum blood alcohol content, CP+B Copenhagen got so convinced that they brewed their own Problem Solver Beer. It’s a great story, told through this video.

Add in a B+A style monochrome label (check) and this team of Problem Solvers is definitely here for it. CP+B, if you’re reading this, let’s grab a drink…

B+A Bye…

Left-handed typing is not the one, so let’s park this here shall we?

And since you asked so nicely, here’s that link once again to listen back to Accidental Power Cut. Catch you next time…

All the love
Team B+A