Seeing Stuff from New Angles. (B+A Bulletin #266)

Seeing Stuff from New Angles. (B+A Bulletin #266)

B+A Breaking

The most breaking of breaking news: December. is. here.

And whilst the new year isn’t gonna be bringing the clean sheet we all hoped it might (spoiler: does it ever?) there’s still some sweet symbolism in the closing of one chapter and starting of the next. 

And while we’re chatting fresh perspectives…kudos to Kone for encouraging us to explore our inner semioticians as we workshopped new ways of communicating one of our better-known B+A values. That’s Nicola’s cryptic entry above – any takers?*

Bulletin #266. Crisp and new as a winter’s morn.

B+A Brilliance

Christmas started early at B+A this year. We kicked off our festive team time on Monday with b2b visits from 3 global change agents: Maurice Collins, printer/disability advocate/collector of ephemera; Serena Guen, Founder of Suitcase Magazine; Farai Mpfunya, Executive Director of the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust.

Gems on gems on gems. But all 3 united in that juiciest combination of an instinct for opportunity, and an appetite for difference. Deeeelicious.

B+A Books etc.

Drawing upon his experience growing up between New York and Jamaica, Akeem Smith harmonizes disparate elements from his extensive family archival documentation for No Gyal Can Test. Part poem, part anthropological homage, the exhibition forms a layered exploration of the diaspora, and of dancehall culture in particular.

Some new thoughts that ran through Tamika’s mind when experiencing this work (masked up, and socially distanced):
_There’s an uncomfortable sense of voyeurism that results from transposing these artefacts across cultural divides into a Manhattan art space. 
_Who is the object? Who is the subject? Who is the documenter? And who is documented? 
_Diversity in the truest sense of the word must exist in both realms if we’re truly going to have a deeper understanding of humanity. 

That, and, wow Jamaica really is likkle but Tallwah. 

B+A Big Up

Isabella Nardini is our Brazilian globe-trotting nomad friend and translator-extraordinaire. She shapes culture. Isa spends her life creating activities to unlock human potential and find unusual solutions for almost any type of work.

Her latest question… how do people fall in love during the digital/quarantined age? Butterflies in the stomach, slightly balmy hands, expectations in the stars… she started with a fundamental human need. Isa created, no not another app, but an experience of the senses for friends, and friends of friends. 

Love in the Cloud was born. Relationships are blossoming. Connections are being made. Currently Isa is working her magic in São Paulo, but with enough pressure she might come (virtually) to a city near you.

B+A Bye…

Fresh perspectives = the freshest solutions.

Luke + Team B+A 

*Transmission is Nothing, Reception is Everything. Gettit?