Self-Improvement, AI: More than Human, The Social Photo, Antiuniversity & Motivating Excellence (B+A Bulletin #190).

Self-Improvement, AI: More than Human, The Social Photo, Antiuniversity & Motivating Excellence (B+A Bulletin #190).

B+A Breaking

Self-improvement. It’s an iterative process.

We could all do with reminding ourselves of that now and again. Cos although your future’s definitely bright, right now you’re looking pretty swell too.

So. Bulletin iteration #190. I’m feeling good about this one…

B+A Brilliance

We had 6x blinkey eyes from Almass, André and Tamika yesterday when they emerged back in the studio after visiting AI: More than Human. It’s a mind-bending show, spread across the entire Barbican, that tests the relationships we humans are developing with artificial intelligence, as the future moves into the present.

Hmmm. If what’s in store looks anything like this show, then maybe tomorrow ain’t such a scary place after all.

B+A Books etc.

100 years before ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ became commonplace, writer Émile Zola said in 1901, “In my view, you cannot claim to have really seen something until you have photographed it.”

This book helps us understand social media, selfies and publishing photos to the digital realm simply as a means to say ‘I am here and I exist’. We cannot understand photography or social media without stepping back and looking at the deeper impulse that fuels both: the desire for life in its documented form.

Free up the selfies. Take up space. They matter. You matter.

B+A Big Up

Hierarchies in education – be they social, governmental or intellectual – are a big praablem, and getting worse. So more than ever we need guys like Antiuniversity, who annually preach the militantly iconoclastic word through their “invitation to teach and learn any subject, in any form, anywhere”.

They’ve just announced their 2019 programme, all over London throughout June. And there is a LOT of cool stuff to learn about. Like a radical birdwalk. or Being your own prince. or How to fight landlords.

Ok loads of you don’t live in London, I know. But still – just reading these listings is enough to reboot your inspiration. Check it. Let’s do education right.

B+A Babble

Now, obviously discourse on the psychology of motivation isn’t anything new (much like the 2014 article I’m about to link you to). But it feels quite on-brand for this Bulletin to draw your attention to this particular take on the subject (see – warned ya). 

In it, Dr Carol Dweck unpacks the idea of motivation and more specifically, attitudes to relishing/rejecting challenge. No spoilers, but if you did well in school, reading this one might be a bit of a game changer.

B+A Bye…

Solving today’s problems?
Yep we’re all for that.

Forecasting future storms?
Yikes! We’re on it, we don’t want anyone getting wet.

Getting there might feel like a big job, but we’ll manage it – and in the meantime, today’s not so bad.

Self-improvement. It’s an iterative process.

Luke and Team B+A