Separate, But Together (B+A Bulletin #229)

Separate, But Together (B+A Bulletin #229)

B+A Breaking

Huh. Things have certainly escalated since we were last in touch (and somewhat dated elements of last week’s Bulletin in the process…).

Likely you’ve been getting pretty well acquainted with your own particular version of the above ⬆️ these past couple days. And if you’re anything like us then you’ve now got your video conference game on LOCK – a skill we can surely all bring with us into brighter times ahead.

So yea. The B+A crew may be separated physically for a bit, but digitally we are stronger than ever. And as you’re about to find out, we’re still collectively flexing them problem solving muscles – bc that gym ain’t closing any time soon 😉

B+A Bulletin #2-2-9. Separate, but together.

B+A Big Up

And here’s one we prepared earlier…When working with Google last summer we created a digital workshop system that allowed us to bring together groups of remotely located people to talk and collaborate, create break-out spaces, before sharing back with the full group, and engage with documents, games and exercises (you know, pretty much the stuff we do when we work face to face).

With what we learned, we tasked B+A O.G. André with developing a system that could work in China. Not only because with Amanda and the team, that’s where we do a lot of our work, but because of the differences of language, culture and restrictions in online tools we rely on in the West. To paraphrase a song that should have really been about Shanghai, if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere. 

Who would have known that so soon we’d be relying so heavily on this system? Alongside NOBOA it’s part of a suite of online tools we’ve been developing and investing in over the last eighteen months. 

Intrigued? Clickety click on our latest blog post to find out more. And forgive us this moment of self Big Up-ness – regular readers will know it ain’t a thing!!

B+A Books etc.

In the absence of company, you need the very best tunes. Tamika fired up this Pandemic Playlist on Spotify, and now it’s a fully collaborative, living and breathing B+A vibe. Serving the quarantine audio sustenance you need for these long ass lonely days, courtesy of the whole team.

Are we missing any straight up quarantunes? Plug in!

B+A Brilliance

This one’s real simple. Right now we’re of course all worrying about the health of our friends and relatives, but we gotta save concern too for everyone in precarious financial positions following COVID-19.

There’s a whole heap of brilliant people who need our support. When you’re food shopping, keep it local and independent (in the UK they may be more likely than supermarkets to have what you’re looking for anyway). Keep working with freelancers when you can. Send messages, or even better, make calls.

The collective will always prevail. 💛

B+A Bye…

What else is there to say?

Look after yourselves, and stay hydrated. 

LOTS of Love,
Luke and Team B+A