Shirley Tetteh, The Palace International Film Festival, i-D Archive & Masculinity in London (B+A Bulletin #173)

Shirley Tetteh, The Palace International Film Festival, i-D Archive & Masculinity in London (B+A Bulletin #173)

B+A Breaking

Pffft, lights out//////

Tonight’s the night guys – in just a coupla short hours B+A descends on the House of St Barnabas in Soho, London, for the first Accidental Power Cut of the year.

Charlie Dark and our very own Adesuwa host an evening of experimental and genre-twisting music, 100% raw and unplugged. We’re Bigging Up our final performer in a sec, and if you like what you hear it’s not too late for us to squeeze you in – but you gotta be quick!

It’s B+A Bulletin #173, by candlelight…

B+A Brilliance

The Palace Collective is a group of wildly creative volunteers across Bristol, Berlin and Wroclaw – worth checking out in their own right for sure, but right now we’re giving our Super Like to their offshoot International Film Festival project. Feast your eyes on the stunning work of this incubator for emerging queer and experimental talent – vid above, and samples all over their very texturally-pleasing site.

B+A Books etc.

You might know we got a bit of a thing for zines ere at B+A. So the discovery of i-D’s complete cover archive, aaaaall the way back to their launch in 1980, is a bit of a treasure trove find. Scroll through a hella lotta trademark winks, and take your hat off to the queen of zines.

B+A Big Up

And here she is, completing our all-female Accidental Power Cut line up. Joining And Is Phi and Miryam Solomon tonight is UK jazz rising star Shirley Tetteh showcasing her new solo project Nardehdeh. Tetteh has performed with the likes of alto saxophonists Nathanial Facey, Jason Yard, Arun Ghosh, Lewis Wright, and toured with Courtney Pine. She currently holds the guitar chair in Jazz Jamaica, and last year won the Jazz Newcomer of the Year category at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards.

Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

B+A Babble

Not long ago André and Luke went on a research mission to explore the status of masculinity in London, speaking to male identifying people aged 10-39. It was super rough cut, quick and dirty in only the B+Aest way.

The discoveries were rich. They were heavy. They hit hard. Want to know more? Gizza shout then.

B+A Bye…

Coats on, we’re off to the House of St Barnabas. Can’t see a bloody thing in this place…

Team B+A