Sisters Uncut, No More Normal + Unsung Heroes (B+A Bulletin #279)

Sisters Uncut, No More Normal + Unsung Heroes (B+A Bulletin #279)

B+A Breaking

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It’s us (B+A) – coming through this springtime Wednesday with all the good Bulletin content.

The fine hand above is that of our own Andrew Missingham, leading our book club/workshop on Business Model Generation. Special thanks to our Bulletin guest Tamsin for dropping by for the chat!

Next up it’s we’re taking it mp4 for Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel Prize in Economics Lecture. Just 60 short minutes of your time, to digest a pivotal moment of the 21st century so far. What value! The club meets on Thursday 8th April, 5pm (UK) / 12pm (EST) / 9pm (PST). Join us there?

Bulletin #279. We’re only just getting started…

B+A Brilliance

Progress is iterative, so you gotta take time to celebrate the little wins. One such example, since you ask, comes courtesy of Unilever, who’ve pledged to drop the word ’normal’ from all 200 of their beauty products by the end of 2022. And they’re banning excessive editing of all photos of their models while they’re at it too (one step closer to a proper beauty revolution). It might not be revolution, but at this scale, it really matters.

B+A Books etc.

It’s been both a joy and privilege to work with UK cultural pioneers A New Direction over the past few months. And even more so when the output is this beautiful. We worked with A New Direction on our latest BookInAnHour™ project, co-creating a publication celebrating all the magic of Brent to mark the close of its 2020 year as London Borough of Culture. It’s overflowing with the voices of educators, young people and cultural leaders. And it looks pretty magnificent on the B+A bookshelf to boot.

B+A Babble

The pandemic has been a tough gig for all of us in different ways. But there’s one great pal of B+A whose working life has been totally upended – and yet has remained defiantly chipper throughout. We used to rely HARD on Dom from Travel Counsellors (back when planes, trains and automobiles was more of a thing) but now most of our communication is limited to his super informative travel newsletters. Sad! But Dom’s been quietly plugging away regardless of industry challenges, keeping the world up-to-date with when we’ll be able to see each other again.

You may operate behind the scenes Dom, but we still see you. Chocks away, dude!

B+A Big Up

It’s been a tough week out here in the UK. Which makes mustering the strength to create a movement for justice even more of a challenge. So we give the biggest props to Sisters Uncut, who have been a critical voice in energising and vocalising women’s right to safety – even when they were told they couldn’t. 

The conversation started by Sisters Uncut has now developed in response to government’s unequal treatment of this movement in comparison to the racial justice protests last year. A reminder (not that you need it) to keep it intersectional. There’s no justice if anyone’s left behind.

B+A Bye…

Hey. You made it! Keep hydrated, and make this day/evening a special one.

Luke + Team B+A