Spearhead | Sanctuary | Revive (B+A Bulletin #228)

Spearhead | Sanctuary | Revive (B+A Bulletin #228)

B+A Breaking

Hey ! Boy are we glad to see you.

Because yikes. Everything’s feeling pretty heavy at the moment. So now is defo a good time to connect over that good content, and steer well clear of coronavirus chat while we at it. There’s enough of that discourse…literally everywhere else.

And after all, wouldn’t you rather check out Andrew, grinning ear to ear, living the B+A brand in Portland?

Bulletin #228. Pop ! We begin.

B+A Books etc.

Giulia took a trip to her childhood library (shout out Willesden – a welcome Bulletin change from SE, Luke!), where she discovered a trailblazer whose legacy shines in perfect timing with this week’s International Women’s Day.

Jayaben Desai, an Indian woman and local factory worker, spearheaded a strike in 1976 fighting for fellow workers at the Grunwick Photo Processing Plant to have the right to trade union representation.

Initially unphased by Desai, factory bosses reportedly called her and colleagues “chattering monkeys”. She declared “What you are running here is not a factory, it is a zoo…but in a zoo there are many types of animals. Some are monkeys who dance on your fingertips, others are lions who can bite your head off. We are the lions, Mr Manager.”

The two-year strike that followed became one of the most disruptive of the decade. Whilst the strike (even after allll that time) didn’t pay off, Desai undoubtedly paved the way for low-paid workers to be recognised thereafter. A fight that continues to this day.

B+A Brilliance

Mark Zuckerberg don’t love you (no matter how many tagged photos you have). But if permanently unfriending Facebook isn’t an option, how can you take back a bit of control over how your data is used – particularly when it comes to political campaigning? Who Targets Meis a super simple browser extension Algy tipped us off to, that scans and analyses your newsfeed to tell you which political advertisers are targeting you. Take back control yo.

B+A Bubble

Breathe deep. Dive in. Things are a bit cray atm. So this is simply a moment to cherish c a l m.

You gotta know yourself well enough to discover where your sanctuary is – and then once you’ve found it, utilise it. Escape the noise and embrace space. So right now, Nicola is nestled up at Crystal Palace swimming pool.

It’s possible we’ll all be working from home soon. Til then, dive deeper into your world. It’s all there.

B+A Big Up

We got a lot of time for Tobi Olutade (above, R). We first met her when we were helping Samsung build Not a School last autumn, when she was starting to talk about building a sustainable fashion brand. Now, here we are: R&R Collective is a real thing, and it’s bringing us so much life.

R&R (short for Revival & Resurrection) is a British-Nigerian cyber boutique, tackling waste and empowering women through developing upcycled and restored garments and jewellery. It doesn’t get much better. Buy Tobi’s beautiful stuff!!

B+A Bye…

Hokayyy we outta here. 

But before we go…just one last thing.

Everyone’s talking a lot about the body, the physical, right now. And whilst this is undoubtedly the right conversation to have, let’s not forget about the mind. As everything we’ve talked about here shows, the mind can do some pretty powerful stuff. Don’t forget to protect and be kind to yours.

Luke and Team B+A