Stormy Skies. (B+A Bulletin 242)

Stormy Skies. (B+A Bulletin 242)

B+A Breaking

Storm’s a-brewin here in London. Culturally, meteorologically. You’ve got Luke here to help guide you through.

Starting with a quick schooling in music theory. Cos Andrew and I were impressed and tickled by the creativity of these activists.

Musical notes run from A-G. The line at the very bottom of the stave above represents an E. Then, you work upwards, alternating between spaces and lines, going up a letter each time. When you get to G, you start again at A.

…Cracked the code? Congrats, you can now read music ! 

I reckon you deserve a symphony of a Bulletin after that brainwork. We provide.

B+A Brilliance

This week’s B+A Balance guest was the ethicist Alice Thwaite, founder of Hattusia and the Echo Chamber Club. Alice’s mission is a simple one: to professionalise philosophy. What that means in reality is training up individuals and businesses in ethical practice, in pursuit of a world that speaks a little bit better to the needs of the humans it hosts. 

Right now is the time to have this conversation. As Alice said: “Ethics and values are not performative. They have to be embedded into the design of your product, the culture of your organisation, the targets you set yourself.”

Now we’re hungry for more. Luckily, she’s running digital ethics workshops on Zoom and Slack, now and into the future. This matters. Find out more here.

B+A Books (No Babble)

Shout out to Reni Eddo-Lodge, who has become the first and only Black British author to top the UK non-fiction book bestsellers, with Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race (just a week after it was chosen for our next B+A Book Club – always one step ahead eyy…)

But yeah. Is there much to celebrate in this achievement? It’s a moment for sure, but one that only serves to highlight the progress that is still to be made in the publishing industry, and more widely by us all. And, true to the book’s title, Reni has stated she won’t talk any more about it. Her stance hasn’t changed in a decade – and the book is out there in the world. Just get reading.

B+A Big Up

In the fight for equality, we gotta dispel the gatekeepers and democratise opportunities.

We might still be working on this one as a society, but 18 year old Olamide already has the keys. She runs @opportunity.hub, a platform to share UK-based professional and academic opportunities for those who might not have access to them, with a focus on opportunities for young people of colour. 

During lockdown and the ongoing protests, Olamide has expanded her content to include supporting wellbeing: “I feel like a lot of people feel pressure that they have to always speak to other people or connect with other people. But you can just use this time to just be by yourself and concentrate on your wellbeing and self-needs.”

@opportunity.hub is young and humble, and on the up. Kinda like its founder then….

B+A Books + Babble

A.I. can feel hella scary. But hearing about the possibilities it unlocks for humanity from Rana el Kaliouby makes everything a bit more palatable. Rana is the founder of Affectiva, the company credited with establishing the field of Emotion A.I., and author of Girl Decoded

If you’re new to the concept of Emotion A.I., Girl Decoded is a great place to start. And it’s worth getting to know, as the role it can play in society could be BIG. From tackling unconscious bias in recruitment, to monitoring suicide risk, to driver safety. And running through all of Rana’s work is the idea of ’thoughtful regulation’ – at every turn, asking yourself “how could this technology be misused?” 

Hey. Maybe it’s not so scary after all.

B+A Bye…

Lightning might have struck, but it’s our collective job to bring the thunder.

Let the music play on…

Luke and Team B+A