Summer Proud. (B+A Bulletin #243)

Summer Proud. (B+A Bulletin #243)

B+A Breaking

Look at Tamika! Look at this joyyyyy.

Whether you’re in London, Portland, or somewhere in between, it’s h o t. The summer solstice came this weekend, ringing in the longest day and shortest night of the year. And Tamika has rung in summer with a new bike!I was the lucky first ride friend, and luckily for us all I (wrecklessly) captured it.

As the heat builds our marches for justice continue. Progress is coming through sustained community, and it’s sure to be a summer like no other.

B+A Babble

Highlighting a social justice org this week in Portland, it’s SNACK BLOC PDX. Since 2017 SNACK BLOC has been a  community resource and offered support for rallies, protests, community events, vigils and more. They are quite literally offering snacks and water out at the marches and protests, along with medical services and COVID supplies like masks and gloves. It’s a POC run organization, with an ongoing acceptance of donated food and supplies. Get involved here and check-in on their socials here.

B+A Brilliance

Sustainability tip of the week : checkout Ecotrust. They’re another org based here in Portland, “working for an equitable, prosperous and climate-smart future.” Ecotrust’s values encompass all three pillars of sustainability: social justice, economic equity, and environmental protection. Recently on their blog they posted “where to invest now for racial justice in our region”. It’s intersectional orgs like this that will lead us into a future of resilience built upon social and economic equity. “Building resilient communities, ecosystems, and economies requires a multitude of approaches. These Black-led organizations are showing the way.”

B+A Books

How’s your anti-racist reading going? Heard of bell hooks yet? Well allow me… All About Love is one of bell’s most widely known titlesIt hasn’t been a B+A bookclub book (yet) but almost half of the team has read it on their own time. Main take-away: Love is “never simply a feeling”, but it is a verb, an action. You do not only feel love for someone, but you do love on them and for them. What has Love meant, where do we find it now, and how can it be a political force during pandemics, revolutions and beyond? If you love this book too, send me an email won’t you?

B+A Brilliance +

DON’T SLEEP ON US is a London-based community of change-makers founded on the premise that BIPOC and BAME are not to be underestimated. DON’T SLEEP ON US brings people from minority backgrounds together through less-conventional networking methods, and creating a safe space for minority groups to be seen and heard. DON’T SLEEP ON US is offering an opportunity for people of colour to share new skills they’ve learnt in lockdown and beyond. Those selected will be paid $/£75 to film themselves showcasing their new skill in a “how to” film. Here’s a link to the application form for those interested in applying. And it’s open to all BIPOC, not just those in the UK.

For those who don’t know, BIPOC stands for Black Indigenous People of Color, and BAME stands for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic. BIPOC is part of the American vernacular to acknowledge  indigenous people as POC. BAME is used in the UK to refer to the non-white communities of Britain. Language is power!

B+A Bye…

Okay it’s hot. So eat your berries (they actually cool the body from the inside!) and drink your water (duh). Stay loud and proud, cause, oh yea…IT’S ALSO GAY PRIDE MONTH!

Robi and Team B+A