Sunrise. (B+A Bulletin #239)

Sunrise. (B+A Bulletin #239)

B+A Breaking

Hello Bulletin readers! It’s Robi over here with another picture of the St. Johns Bridge. However this time it’s with the sunrise! I mean… I had to share it with you. Can you blame me?

When I began the hike this morning, the city was just an idea. Dreaming. Barely blinking, not yet trying to become anything. And by the time I came back down, it was realized. Movement and noise. Symphony to “progress”. Summer heat creeping with light, working to get us buzzing along with it.

Ok let’s get into Bulletin #239 before I start talking about Covid and get depressed.

B+A Big Up

We’re on a blogging role! And by we, I mean Andrew. Check out the latest from our Missingham founder in his bi-weekly post at Management Today. Where are we, where are we going, and why… “Keep calm and carry on isn’t going to get you there.” What will get us there? Tell us, Andrew! Tell us!

B+A Babble

In need of another green tip? I got you! This week: Bug problem in your garden? How to get rid of those pesky garden pests, naturally! You can make your own pest repellent with just some soap and water! Add 1 tbsp natural dish soap (no synthetic stuff) to 1 gallon water. If the infestation is radical, you can add neem oil to the mix. I swear, it keeps those bugs off your rose bushes. Nobody likes the taste of soap in their mouth, even little insects. Go on give it a try.

B+A Books etc.

You’ve probably seen this book around, eh? Written back in 2013, it had a sudden surge in purchases this year. I first bought Robin Kimmerer’s “Braiding Sweetgrass” at NYC’s anarcha-feminist bookstore Bluestockings back in 2014, but when I saw everyone reading it over the winter, I was sweetly pleased and picked upfor another round. This review from Sue O’Brian in Library Journal says it all: “Kimmerer writes of investigating the natural world with her students and her efforts to protect and restore plants, animals, and land. A trained scientist who never loses sight of her Native heritage, she speaks of approaching nature with gratitude and giving back in return for what we receive. Anyone who enjoys reading about natural history, botany, protecting nature, or Native American culture will love this book.”

B+A Brilliance

What to do with that unused or retired graduation gown? Gowns4Good is donating them to Medical Facilities. As I’m sure you know, many heal care workers are lacking in PPE (personal protective equipment) and this organization, started by medical student Than Moore, is stepping in to innovate through recycling materials. Gowns for Good has already donated almost 11,000 gowns to healthcare workers! If you head over to their site, you can poke around in their resources, learn how you can get involved, and checkout their simple 3-step program to getting a gown to them. Spread the word!

B+A Bye…

Do I seem jollier than usual? If so… it’s my birthday! Well, yesterday was anyway. And I just gotta say, it was a great one. I’ve been on the B+A team for a year now, and y’all. I love these people!

I hope you’re having a great day. And if you’re not, I hope it turns around. And if it doesn’t, I hope there’s something waiting for you in the dream-space that can make up for it all.

Robi and Team B+A