Surf, spring, and mentoring! (B+A Bulletin #280)

Surf, spring, and mentoring! (B+A Bulletin #280)

B+A Breaking

Well well well! Fancy meeting you here, on a Wednesday unlike any other!

Is it official yet? Can we say it?

HAPPY SPRING! The equinox was this last weekend, and the above Lord of the Ringsesque photo was snapped on a first day of spring hike! 

Alright alright, you wanna get back to your own spring feverin, so let us serve up this content real quick and then release you back into the flowers. 

B+A Brilliance

Is it a game? Is it an art piece? Is it intersectional? I have zero answers. But we found this art(?) this week and wanted to pass it on. Design studio COMUZI have been hard at work with Somerset House Trust Young Producers to create Decentralise, an interactive approach to celebrate and center Black British Art. There’s pop-art color, a welcome to imagine, “draw,” and learn, and all with tunes. The future of education? Might look something like this…

B+A Books

Question. Where surfing from? Answer. Ghana. Enter: AFROSURF. Mami Wata, an African surf brand, have produced a 300-page publication, with over 20 stories from surfers across the continent. And oh, no big deal, but our Kone is a contributor.. The book documents surfing culture through essay, interview, photographs, and landscapes. It’s dynamic, beautiful, and unique in the diversity of approaches to the sport and its contemporary place in African culture. Buy the book. Read Kone’s story The Longong. Go catch some waves. The surf IS up.

B+A Babble

Woke-washing? According to this opinion piece from Campaign Live, corporations and specifically, ad agencies, have strayed far from their mission to sell goods and have watered down the progressive arena with social campaigns. “Woke-washing is beginning to infect our industry. It’s polluting purpose. It’s putting in peril the very thing which offers us the opportunity to help tackle many of the world’s issues.” But is it a wash, or really a move towards creating a better future for us to inhabit? Weigh in, won’t you? Because it’s an ongoing debate our side.. and maybe peep a new agency we’ve found #wokewashing 

B+A Big Up

Shout out to our friends at I LIKE NETWORKING who have just launched their 2021 Mentoring Program. Spread the word, far and wide! ILN is a platform which aims to support women and non-binary professionals looking for a career in the creative and cultural industry, plus those who already work in the field, but feel stuck.

The mentoring program is international and reflects the global creative sector. Mentees will be paired with a mentor for 4 meetings, over a 3-month period. In collaboration with their mentor, mentees will define their goals, finesse their skill set, and refine their CV. Additionally, mentors will expand mentees’ network by introducing them to industry peers and demonstrating how best to establish and maintain professional relationships. Check em out and find out more.

B+A Bye…

Ok you’ve got the goods, now get back out there and enjoy the season of re-birth.

With adoration,
Robi + Team B+A