Synesthesia, Soul and Life after Life. (B+A Bulletin #272)

Synesthesia, Soul and Life after Life. (B+A Bulletin #272)

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Put aside your fears for a moment cause Robi is here to serve you that fresh Bulletin you’ve been waiting for. What’ve I got in store? Can’t tell you yet cause you know this newsletter is short enough for you to see for yourself. Go on, scroll the thing!

B+A Babble

A million dollars to maybe cheat death? Inquire within. Mourning his wife with his millions upon millions, Thomas Robert Bigelow founded the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies, where materialists conduct research into what happens after death. He’s now offering cash dollars for those who can prove to him that there is indeed, “Life after life,” as a buddhist teacher might put it.. Find out more about Bigelow and his afterlife contest here.

B+A Books

And on that encouraging note, the book we’d like to recommend this week is the Tibetan Book of The Dead (also translated as “The Tibetan Book of Life”!). What does meditating on death have to offer us? Westerners think it morbid and not worth talking about. And you don’t want to be heard shouting about afterlife or you’ll be outcast of this secular society! However scholars of this text affirm that when you’re no longer afraid of dying, you’re *finally* no longer afraid of living. Don’t believe me? Have you not watched Soul?!

B+A Brilliance

“The pandemic is a portal.” Many can agree that there’s been a lot of good to come from all this sludge and drudge of bad. The New Possible is a living archive of what we’re collectively dreaming up for our new normal. In need of a little “good news” headlines? How about some resources to submit for your kid’s school curriculum? Archives like these and organizations it promotes, like Beyond Return, want to remind us that, “Normal was the problem.”

B+A Books +

For those not into the book or movie rec above, here’s something else tingly for your senses. Kelsey found this Spotify playlist made by a person with synzhestezia. Since they can literally see color coming out of the music, they’ve curated tunes for us that attempts to resonate through similar waves, and corresponds to the colors they see when hearing. Even for those of us without the superpower, you’ll feel something….

B+A Bye…

No, you’re not crazy, January is always this long. But breathe. Winter will be over soon. The sun won’t be such a lazy drag and you’ll see (hear?) color again. Promise.

Lots of love,
Robi + Team B+A 

Watch Soul, for real.