Take Your Game to the Next Level.

Take Your Game to the Next Level.

In 2019, video games accounted for more than half of all UK entertainment revenues – with the games sector worth more than both music and video combined, according to the Entertainment Retailers Association. So it begs a question: (in financial terms, at least) how has the gaming industry got it so right?

Well, we’re certainly not the first to ask this question. The quick rise and dominance of this industry has got others looking, with brands in other sectors trying to emulate this ever-growing market. Meanwhile ‘gamification’ long ago became a buzzword to suggest a shortcut to engagement, echoing around offices all over the world (working amazingly for a few and not so well for others).

Over the six years B+A has been in business, we’ve been increasingly asked for our take on how the video games world works, and how other industries can copy, paste and learn. As a result, we’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of projects that have both got inside gaming, and understood its application to industries beyond the console or the app. Based on this, we did what we do: we’ve written a book to share what we’ve learned. Ladies and Gentlemen (drum roll please), courtesy of Team Portland’s Kelsey and London OG AndrĂ©, we present Level Up.

Level Up is a quick guide on gaming culture for brands and companies sitting on the outside who would like to learn and understand more about the gaming audience. 

Rowan Tafler, Brand Director at SEGA Searchlight, sets the stage with a captivating foreword. The book is then comprised of five cheat codes inspired by video games that can be used to future-proof your business. 

Level 1 explores game developers as ecosystem designers and how game developer thinking could improve the design of your business’ ecosystem.

In Level 2, we examine e-sports as self-sustaining communities and how businesses can blend online and offline communities in a similar fashion. 

Level 3 is all about streaming as a storytelling powerhouse: what can gamers who stream teach you about storytelling?

Partnerships are the focus of Level 4, in particular game partnerships as brand collaborations. Can game partnerships and game thinking be the next frontier of modern marketing? 

Lastly, in Level 5 we explore Cos Play as next-gen brand loyalty – bear with us on this one, you’ll be surprised… 

Anyway, we don’t want to give it all away before you get to read the book! If you’d like to grab yourself a free copy and find out what cheat codes you can use to futureproof your business, give me a shout at [email protected].