Team Member #7, A/D/O, Vacuum Days, Bilal Zafar & Offline vs. IRL (B+A Bulletin #89)

Sup world. How you doing today?

Our 7th team member, Rosy is here. Say hi to her guys – she’s bloody lovely. Here’s our newest recruit in a (soon to be expanded) nutshell – get ready, she’s dynamic…

Cambridge, physics, architecture, Royal College of Art, Senior Tutor. Dark Fruit (seriously). Perceptive. Particular. Forensic. Analyse all angles, make the first move. Artist, filmmaker. Creative strategy. Critical thinker. Near-futures. Fast walker, deep thinker. And most important piece of information : she’ll be a ‘double macchiato’ on the website.

Welcome to edition 89 (woah!)

B+A Brilliance

Nina and Ben spent last week working at A/D/O – a creative community hub in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with a design focus, sponsored by MINI (but with barely a hint of branding anywhere). Set up with the aim of further exploring, improving and exhibiting innovative urban design. Pretty wicked architecture too don’t ya think? And a banging website with tons of well good resources.

B+A Books etc.  

Our friends at Storythings kindly gifted us this book. Vacuum Days was a year-long project by the artist Tim Etchells announcing a rolling programme of absurd and unsettling imaginary events responding to, reworking and distorting those of the year. HIL-AR-I-OUS. Take a peek at the headlines for yourselves.

B+A Big Up 

Bilal Zafar once had a Twitter feud with someone gullible enough to believe that he owned and ran a Muslim only cake shop in Bristol. Lol. It was an infuriating but hilarious spat that he decided to turn in to an hour-long comedy sketch show called ‘Cakes’. Bilal cleverly provokes outrage of defenders of an outdated and warped idea of ‘Britishness’ and then turns it in to comedy genius. Keep an eye out for him, he’s on tour around the UK right now.

B+A Babble

After a culmination of events, namely – 1. reading ‘reclaiming conversation’ 2. reading ‘on tyranny’ and 3. turning 25, Andre is now on a ‘big man ting’. So, he’s not on t’internet for the next 90 days. Well, he’s not on social media. As a digital native who has ‘spent life in front of a screen’ he’s hoping this 3-month hiatus will result in a journey of IRL discovery and exploration. If you have any tips or words of wisdom for him, he’d love to hear from you…

B+A Bye…

So long. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen. Laters. Be good or don’t get caught – or, you know, do get caught – whatever your subconscious desires. See y’all next week.

Love, Team B+A x