Thank you, women. (B+A Bulletin #260)

Thank you, women. (B+A Bulletin #260)

B+A Breaking

What time is it? Time for your weekly dose of B+A. Open up and take it in. Like a Flintstones gummy, we’re yummy, cute and good for you 🙂

Remember a few weeks ago when Luke told you about our friend Jon Weaver’s new book, The Anti Blueprint Project? (It features our Tamika). Well, the Kickstarter is now live! Scoot on over to watch the promo video and support the project.

Now let’s get you the rest of your vitamins!

B+A Brilliance

Last week, SheaMoisture launched their newest #itcomesnaturally campaign. And this week I want to highlight one of the women part of that campaign: Reece Scott. She’s an amateur boxer, Licensed Coach, and the owner of Women’s World of Boxing.

“One step.
One punch.
One round at a time.”

Coach Reece founded WWOB in 2007 to offer women a safe, comfortable and uplifting environment to learn the sport of boxing. In addition to training women and girls at her gym in New York, Reece is a partner with Power Play NYC, an organization that empowers young women through playing sports they’ve been historically been left out of. I can only begin to imagine how many young girls lives have been changed through Reece’s mentorship and training. Thank you, coach Reece!

B+A Books etc.

In our Socratic Seminar (AKA book club) last week we discussed artist Vivek Shraya’s essay I’m Afraid of Men. Vivek uses her intimate experiences as a trans woman to weave her fear of self alongside her love for and fear of men. The first half of the book is all spoken to the pronoun You, which for the men reading, can cause some real discomfort. I came away from bookclub feeling closer to my team, grateful that we read a difficult text together and were able to compassionately hold space for all the emotions it conjured. It’s a quick read, and as Tegan and Sara say on the book jacket, it’s necessary reading for everyone!

B+A Babble

I recently attended a recycling workshop lead by a recent graduate of Oregon’s Master Recycling Program. PSA: recycling isn’t just this mythical thing that happens in a faraway land of magic elves and fairies. Recycling involves real, human people, and big, giant, sorting machines. Yes, recycling can be confusing. But if you just take a bit of time to read about your city’s policies, you can aid in the giant process, and even help keep sanitation workers safe! And while the naysayers out here love to say that “individual action isn’t going to really change anything”, we know how our sustainable actions have a ripple effect. Green tip: get a little curious about what you can do to help foster recycling in your city.

B+A Big Up

You miss any music festivals this summer? You miss that OG Grimes? A few weeks ago Pitchfork uploaded their first “best of” video, and it contains over an hour of never before released live performances from the likes of Big Thief, FKA Twigs, Solange, LCD Soundsystem, and yes, Grimes from 2014. Pitchfork released the video along with their own request for donations to the Movement for Black Lives. From this video alone Pitchfork has raised over $2,000, with a goal of $5,000 by the end of the month. Watch, enjoy, and throw that coin for black liberation.

B+A Bye…

Welp. Changes are afoot. Time, leaves, leaders, years..

See you on a dark night!

Robi and Team B+A