The deep flow of trees. (B+A Bulletin #270)

The deep flow of trees. (B+A Bulletin #270)

B+A Breaking

Good day good readers of Bulletin. Ready for some deep work with Robi? Course you are.

Tamika’s brother has created this neato app that plays lo-fi hip-hop to help thrust you into “the zone” and maybe re-vamp your (tired) work-from-home playlist. Nothing like new notes for the new year, especially when we might be feeling not much has changed around here…

What is deep work? Don’t worry – the app will teach you. I’m slow head-bobbing to it now while I write. Bump it and read along with me… Bulletin #269.

B+A Brilliance

1 Trillion Trees is out here in 2021 doing the measurable work of helping the planet out. How? Planting trees. Global org, global problem, working locally for solutions. 1T is an online community dedicated to the mobilization of grassroots orgs towards reforestation, and they’ve been designed to support the UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. 1 Trillion Trees are solving the problems of climate change by connecting people and information. Help them get trees in the ground in your own neighborhood.

B+A Babble

How many of you are on Pinterest? Yea. Well, thanks to users like you, Pinterest knows what’s coming in 2021 and they’ve compiled this blogpost predicting 150+ of the upcoming trends. (8/10 of their predictions for 2020 happened, Covid and all). “Japandi is the new minimalism” and “Nomad normal” are some highlights. Embrace that beginners mind, get out in nature, and take a regular, ritzy bath. Whether you do it cause I said so or not, your data knows you’re gonna. 

B+A Books etc.

Not a book but a riveting read; B Corp have released this white paper calling for the fundamental shift we need in our economies. A capitalism that puts consumers first and exec salary low on the priority list. “The Fix That Our Economy Needs to Build Shared and Durable Prosperity for All.” The B-Corp movement is making this thinking possible for us and future gens. And they want to hear what you think about their ideas. Read, and reply, cause one org can’t do it alone.

B+A Big Up

We’re all growing our list of places to travel to once it’s safe. Top of our list is the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s a museum, a theater, a school, an artist in residence program…. the list goes on and on. In short: the arts are celebrated, funded, preserved and taught. “The Recoleta Cultural Center is a living and participatory space for adolescents and young people that is committed to coexistence in diversity and that has promoted the artistic movements of the country and the world for more than three decades.”

The center is within one of the oldest buildings in the city, finished in 1732 in a “Jesuit” architectural style, and was at one time a homeless shelter! (Can you imagine MoMA functioning as a shelter of any kind?) “A radar of cultural and artistic movements. A scenario of the most diverse and disruptive ways of expressing. A cultural factory. A space to investigate, create and produce new cultural and artistic events.”

Before the year is over, someone from B+A will snap some selfies there. Mark my words.

B+A Bye…

13 days in to the year of turning a corner. What are you beginning? What are you letting go of? If 2021 was your last year to live, what would you do? What would you stop doing? 

You know us. Coming in hot with the questions. 

Thank you for being here as we trail-blaze the new era. 

Lots of love,
Robi + Team B+A