The Good Night Out Campaign, B+A Exchange & a farewell (B+A Bulletin #281)

The Good Night Out Campaign, B+A Exchange & a farewell (B+A Bulletin #281)

B+A Breaking

Ok ok ok, you’re gonna have to excuse a moment of peak Britishness (because yes, this week’s Bulletin is coming from Luke in London).

But right now there’s no way to intro other than the fact that the past couple days have been HOT. Like, hot hot. And maybe it’s just for a moment, and yeah, we know that weather talk is cheap, but come on. This matters!

You know what else matters? You. Thanks for joining us on this summer premonition. Feet up, read on…

B+A Brilliance

Starting with some big, HappySad news. With deep humility we say farewell to Robi, who is moving on from B+A at the end of this week. A lot of you will know Robi very well indeed, as one half of the squad delivering this here Bulletin, week on week. So I’m sure you’ll join us in declaring how much they will be missed!

Robi has been a sparkling gem within the B+A crown during their two-year tenure here. And we are so so grateful for the full self they have brought throughout this time. Portlanders, Robi ain’t going anywhere so keep your eyes out for them on the yoga mat/forest trail/intersectional writers meetup. And the rest of ya, you’ve got 2 days to say your goodbyes and swap handles on [email protected]

B+A Books etc.

Chloe Pierre, founder of wellness brand thyself, is a dear pal of ours here in B+A London. thyself is all about actualising and diversifying self-care, through knowledge, community and some dope merch too. And as if all that weren’t enough, Chloe’s at it again – this time authoring her first book! Take Care is a collection of stories of Black women prioritising their health, humanity, existence and power, and will be published by Headline Books in January 2022. We think you should pre-order right now…

B+A Big Up

This week’s props go direct to the Good Night Out Campaign, out here to make nightlife safer. To date they’ve trained 2,641 workers representing 185 venues across the UK, in order to better prevent sexual harassment and assault. And whilst it’s been a quiet year for nightlife, the Campaign hasn’t stopped. They’re currently preparing a response to the government’s decision to keep people ’safer’ through increasing undercover police in clubs – a solution that has been raised, um, zero times in their 6 years training staff. Keep up to date with the campaign here, or share your story to help guide their work here
Image creds: Sophie K Rosa

B+A Babble

WELL. It’s been a full earth round the sun since B+A first launched our official pro-bono Exchange programme. This means that we’ve had the pleasure to work with and learn from 12 brilliant partners across Portland, London, Birmingham and beyond, from grassroots sports to inclusive health access to media training for girls. If you wanna find out more about any of these partners, we would looove to share their details. You need only ask.

Exchange is all about short, razor-sharp interventions delivered over just one month. So – if you know of any amazing social change orgs/charities/activists in need of some problem-solving you’ll be sure to let us know, won’t you?

B+A Bye…

We hope the sun is shining where you are today. And if it’s not, here’s an idea for how to make your own rays, whatever the weather.

Luke + Team B+A