The Great Unlearn. (B+A Bulletin #263)

The Great Unlearn. (B+A Bulletin #263)

B+A Breaking

Yep, it’s true! The US elected ourselves a new President and the first ever woman as Vice President in the most votes cast in an election, ever. People were literally dancing in the streets this weekend, in what some queers were calling, Pride 2020.

Not only did we swing the way of humanity with the Biden/Harris ticket, but this election gave the LGBTQ+ community some major wins. Over 1,000 queer people ran for office this year making this season known as “The Rainbow Wave,” and Them is keeping track of the wins. Highlights?

  • Tiara Mack Will Be First Queer Person Of Color In Rhode Island Legislature
  • Puerto Rico’s First Openly LGBTQ+ Senator: Ana Irma Rivera Lassén
  • Roger Montoya and Brittney Barreras Are the First Openly LGBTQ+ Members of the New Mexico State House
  • Christy Holstege Will Be the First Openly Bisexual Mayor in America
  • Taylor Small is the first openly transgender women elected to the Vermont House of Representatives
  • Sharice Davis is the first queer, Indigenous woman (and only the second Indigenous woman) to serve in US Congress, representing the state of Kansas.

B+A Brilliance

We know, we know. Getting out there and voting is actually the bare minimum you can do for your community. So, what else? Re-educate! With what material? Academics of Color. The Great Unlearn is an online education platform created and curated by Rachel Cargle, an activist, writer and lecturer. By joining their Patreon page for as small $5 a month, you get access to monthly syllabi, reading lists and live lectures from experts and academics covering topics from the History of Race and America’s Birth story, to Black eco-feminism and much more. No only are you funding your own re-education, but you’re supporting thinkers and writers of color directly by fueling the alternative economy Patreon supports. To the (virtual) chalkboard!

B+A Babble

Last week, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize drug use. No, this doesn’t mean that all drugs are now legal in Oregon.. it’s much bigger than that, and is the first step to ending the racist “war on drugs” in America. Measure 110 is an abolishonist policy that seeks to rehabilitate drug-abusers instead of throwing them in jail. Funding? Relocation of millions of dollars from Oregon’s cannabis tax! The decriminalization campaign garnered sizable endorsements from the Oregon’s medical and health care communities, those who’ve observed the utter failure of the state to help victims of addiction. “Let’s save lives, not ruin them.”

B+A Books

Another win for our reeducation last week was Oregon’s legalization of the use of psychedelic mushrooms in “psilocybin therapy”. You can read more about what that means here, but allow us to recommend a book to help you get better equipped on the subject of how psychedelics can change everything about your life. How To Change Your Mind follows author Michael Pollan as he researches, through history and his own body, the effects of LSD, psilocybin, and ayahuasca. Remember when Timothy Leary was using government money to experiment with LSD back at Harvard? Well, that research never really ended, just went underground. It’s a fascinating, entertaining, and eye-opening read. Spoiler:it is possible to change your mind (whether or not you occasion that experience with a “drug” is up to you).

B+A Big Up

New company Ridwell are making recycling easier for Portland residents. For a small fee, Ridwell comes to your home and collects those hard-to-recycle items (styrofoam, batteries, plastic bags, film, threads) for you. Your subscription means that a Ridwell employee will come pickup and recycle your items from your home every two weeks from a designated Ridwell box and bags they supply you with. They aren’t here to replace citywide recycling, but are a complimentary service, partnering with the local government and agencies to make sure items are properly recycled, and ultimately saving you the time and potential hassle of regular trip to Goodwill and material specific recycling centers. As of now, Ridwell is only in the Portland Metro area, but we see them growing fast!

B+A Bye…

Yeah so… there’s still lots to be done.

As we come back inside this winter, take care of your mind; feed it new, exciting information, that counters the narrative you’ve been taught to believe, without question.

Unlearn to learn.

Robi and Team B+A