The Wisdom of Nigel Ruwende, Future Floating Cities, Mary Portas & Make+Think+Code. (B+A Bulletin #189)

The Wisdom of Nigel Ruwende, Future Floating Cities, Mary Portas & Make+Think+Code. (B+A Bulletin #189)

B+A Breaking

It’s Wednesday morning / afternoon / evening [delete as appropriate]. So it’s time for some weekly B+A love.

And boy has it been a big’un for Andrew. Not only did he traverse the globe for 3 clients in 1 week (shout out Tesa from VSCO introducing him to the mighty Ube), and run the Brussels 20k (shout out Alberto from Edgeryders, top running companion), he also had his first dog-on-a-plane experience (final shout out to these guys).


Let’s keep up the pace shall we, as we launch into Bulletin #189…

B+A Brilliance

There’s a group of very smart ppl/mad scientists who are quietly mapping out the sustainable future of our lil planet (right now Nic is one of them, but shh, our lips are sealed). Buckle up, cos we’re talking big, wild, dreamy stuff here.

One idea that’s got our attention is the construction of ~~floating cities~~. These are closed-cycle networks in response to rising levels round the world – and based on humans’ natural symbiotic relationship with water. Each city houses up to 10,000 people, is made of bamboo, and is very symmetrical. Prepare for your jaw to drop when you learn about this anti-atlantean venture.

Oh! And while we’re talking sustainability, this one from Nike is pretty cool too. Soz for the clickbait.

B+A Books etc.

We visited the agency home of retail legend Mary Portas this week. Some workplaces don’t have much of a vibe – and worse, a few have a bad vibe. We’re pleased to confirm that Portas’ has a VIBE! We’ll be back…(and thanks for the book, Caireen!)

B+A Big Up

This one’s easy. The largest of large ups to master tailor, designer and smiley guy Nigel Ruwende, who came in to chat to the team this week about his experience setting up Saint and Birchley (go on, click itttt). Nigel spoke candidly about his journey, and gifted us a couple of very juicy insights in the process:

1. A whooole new angle on the B of B+A (that’s Bespoke, or in Nigel’s beautifully simple definition, Be Spoken).
2. A reminder that whilst being resource-efficient in business is very 2019, it should also be at the core of every savvy business. So don’t forget it when you grow – whether it’s on trend or not.

B+A Babble

Problem solving’s all well and good, but you gotta start off with the tools if you want to create stuff with impact. That’s where Make+Think+Code come in. They’re a media institute training up Portland’s best and brightest in creative problem solving through tech.

There’s a myriad of workshops and courses for you to re-up on – and next on their agenda is a 3-day hardware hacking party, featuring Imogen Heap’s wearable musical instrument, and the pretty much completely insane Church of Robotron.

B+A Bye…

And if that’s all too much and you just wanna chuck it all in – just make sure you do like Julian Richer. Hero.

Team B+A