This is a B+A Job Ad. Problem Solver 17.

This is a B+A Job Ad. Problem Solver 17.


B+A is looking for a new team member who can solve business problems, who’ll be based in our Portland studio.

As you may know, we opened our doors in London in February 2014. We are now a team of 15 across London, Portland Oregon and Shanghai. We have a core team of problem solvers, alongside an editorial story telling function and an in-development digital research platform. We’re looking for one more to join us in Portland, Oregon.

Like the people at B+A, our work is necessarily diverse. One day our focus is exploring 20 year strategic visions with Nike, the next it’s digging into consumer behaviour in Shanghai, the following it’s improving the dynamic amongst a high performing leadership team. Whilst next week you might find us writing a book in an hour, recording a podcast on future trends or hosting an acoustic gig in a beautiful Soho chapel.

Our work unlocks change, growth and innovation that future proofs our clients businesses.

Specifically this means :

_We design and run global research, innovation and strategy programmes. _We design and equip the most progressive organisational cultures.
_We position and re-position global brands.
_We facilitate the most difficult conversations.
_We answer the questions nobody else can.

We are really proud to say that our brilliant team do brilliant work. And a lot of it.

Our Why.
We believe that the most powerful enterprises of the 21st century will combine what charitable, cultural and for-profit businesses do at their best. Our work combines learning from all these three worlds to create more legitimate, authentic, sustainable businesses.

Our How.
We work very quickly and very collaboratively. For instance, to solve our clients challenges, we are increasingly being called upon to write books with them in very short spaces of time. We’ve written 18 books now, in 5 days, 24 hours and 1 hour. We’ve found that collaborative book writing is an incredibly powerful way of not only solving problems, but also fostering wider ownership of strategic direction. Book writing is an illustration of how we work, and what B and A stand for – Bespoke (unique to the client needs) and Accelerated (fast).

Who are we looking for?
We are looking to grow our Portland, Oregon team with a new strategic problem solver who has entry level (1-3 years) professional experience across a range of industries.

The right person will have embarked upon their career and have gathered more than 1 year of professional experience. They will have worked as part of a team, either in an agency or client context and learnt the core tenets of what it means to identify challenges, solve them strategically and take action.  The right person will be hungry to learn how to deliver global consumer research, strategy development or culture change. They will be curious about the world around them and eager to learn as much as they possibly can.  They will be comfortable doing the basics in order to learn and un-afraid to challenge themselves to learn new skills and operate in new circumstances and contexts.
In addition, aside from all the apparently contradictory clichés that everyone asks for – like being a self-starter who’s a good team player – we’re most interested in people who have a diverse and unusual set of skills or experiences across at least two of the three worlds we work in: e.g. a management consultant who’s worked in TV, or a journalist who’s been a teacher, or a choreographer who’s now a coach. You get the idea.

This person will be a key member of our growing business, based in Portland but with the ability to travel approximately 30% of the time.  Daily life will be anything and everything between supporting the B+A USA team to deliver client work, contributing to creating a vibrant and exciting company culture and helping to ensure the smooth running of everything we do.

How do we treat our people?
At B+A we judge ourselves by the quality of finished work, not the hours spent at our desks. We don’t have job titles or a set hierarchy, each project has a lead that could be any one of our (currently) 15 strong team, so there’s ample opportunity for you to learn from anyone in the team doing challenging, interesting, meaningful work. We’ll endeavour to be flexible to your circumstances, whilst allowing you to play your full part learning from and contributing to our developing culture. We offer a pension above statutory obligation, a generous holiday entitlement, private medical insurance and an annual profit share scheme.

There are a few things to bear in mind if you are thinking of applying:
We are building a company of entrepreneurs. So you need to be a pro-active self starter who sees and can exploit an opportunity within a valued, structured organisation.

We value honesty and provocation – but only if it’s constructive, so if you’re addicted to “disruption”, we’re probably not for you. We are looking for people who want to step out of the daily consultancy model and truly challenge their clients, but in an appropriate, respectful helpful way.

We don’t have a specific output. So if you’ve built a career on making ads, putting on events or writing brilliant press releases and want to keep doing that then we won’t be able to satisfy your urges.

That said, we are changing and growing. So the organisation you join might look very different in 6 months. You must be comfortable in situations of change, and willing to contribute to it.

We don’t know any ‘know it-alls’. Because no-one know’s it all. If you know it all, we probably aren’t the right place for you.

But that doesn’t mean you know nothing – we’re a consultancy that makes things. So you can probably not only think your way out of a paper bag, but once out, make the paper bag into something useful, or beautiful or both.

And lastly, you will do the occasional late night, but we take pride in working sensible hours that enable you to pursue diverse interests that keep you sane, stimulated and able to enjoy your whole life.

Specific Duties of the Role.
Support and partner with the B+A team in delivery of client work. (60% of time).
1.Work with colleagues to design and deliver client projects across our 3 questions.
2. Take responsibility for and manage logistics and project management of key projects.
3. Represent B+A in client forums and contexts across a range of industries.

Learn and activate the B+A methodology (20% of time)
1. Actively learn B+A tools and techniques and put them into practice in the work you do.
2. Build up your ability to not just support but lead B+A projects and client relationships.

Contribute to building an exciting and challenging culture. (10% of time).
1. Bring ideas and inspiration to the team to foster debate and discussion.
2. Take responsibility for initiating internal projects that enhance our organisational culture.

If what you’ve read excites you then you can read more at . If you’re still keen after that then get in touch, and tell us why you’d like to work at B+A. In any way you like, that best represents you, and either email us at: [email protected] with the title Problem Solver 17 or send us something in the post, addressed to Kelsey @ B+A. c/o Uncorked Studios. 811 SE Stark. Portland. Oregon.