Time Feels Different Now (B+A Bulletin #232)

Time Feels Different Now (B+A Bulletin #232)

B+A Breaking

Surprise ! We’re here, which means it must be Wednesday again, I guess…

Firstly, as ever, we all hope that you and those close to you are safe and healthy. It’s real, no doubt. We are with you.

These past weeks we’ve been keeping the B+A Zoom bubbling with a whole heap of creative team activities. A highlight : Renee got toes tapping/laptop speakers fizzing with the challenge of writing a B+A Covid anthem in 30 mins. Cheaters can scroll right down to spy the final product – but true friends also digest the good content on the way.

Bulletin #232? #23232? Time’s losing meaning. Let us be your guide.

B+A Brilliance

With most of the world on pause, cancelled, or simply cast aside, huge props are due to the amazing Antiuniversity crew. Their annual festival normally takes place in June, and whilst this is being moved online for obvious reasons, they’ve also magicked up an additional long weekend of events next month – specifically on the theme of ‘Work in a Time of a Global Epidemic’. Proving no matter what the circumstances, we can always create, innovate, and interrogate. Registration to host events in both festivals opens on 12th April.

B+A Babble

And while we’ve got change on the brain… Look who it is ! Our own Andrew wrote this piece for Management Today, on the responsibility we all have as companies in instigating the new world we’re all waxing lyrical about these days.

(And for another take on how the world might look in the months to come, this makes for great reading too.)

B+A Books etc. I

Yep, it’s another Zoom screenshot. But note – what’s that in Nicola’s hands ? 

For this month’s B+A Book Club we took it right back to B+A’s first-ever book, the Bumper Book of Fun and Games. Turns out the lessons gleaned 4 years ago from choreographers, strategists, comedians and game designers are just as potent today. And walking on walls is as much fun as it’s ever been. We’ll gladly share a copy with you, once we can get our hands on them again…

B+A Books etc. II

A book written 4 years ago? Nothing mate, let’s take away another 100 – and still find something eerily relevant to our current state of the world. Read on, reader…

Written by E.M Forster in 1909, “The Machine Stops” [free PDF] is a short story that takes place in a time in which the Earth is uninhabitable due to environmental destruction. All humans are living underground in individual pods where they are able to video call, access “new ideas” through lectures, and ultimately never have to lift a finger. Human connection to one another and the Earth is valued so little that conversations are robotic and people anxiously opt out of seeing anything that even resembles nature. 

But the real brilliance? Forster’s depiction of the unwavering devotion and adoration the people have for “The Machine” – their complete and helpless dependence on it for food, shelter, friendships, family, and ideas.

So what happens when there is a breakdown in the machine and everything comes to a halt? Read the story, or y’know, just flip on the news….

B+A Bye…

…but leaving just enough space to fulfil our promise, of course:

Covid-19- such a meany,
Makin’ us go quaranteeny
Wash those mitts for 20 seconds
(Happy Birthday twice we reckons)
2 metres distance is more than ample
Wish they’d test my saliva sample
Loo roll vendors wear the crown
While we wait and wait and hunker down.
So we’re stayin’ home doin’ constant Zoomin’
Digital workshops business boomin’
Dreamin’ dreams of being free
Coronavirus not good for we
Trumpet fanfare when we’re out of danger
And I’ll kiss my ma and hug a stranger.

Stay safe, stay lucid. Time was always a construct anyway.

Luke and Team B+A