Utopian Offices of the New Co, Kelsey in Tokyo, Patty McCord x Gimlet & Earth Protectors (B+A Bulletin #185)

Utopian Offices of the New Co, Kelsey in Tokyo, Patty McCord x Gimlet & Earth Protectors (B+A Bulletin #185)

B+A Breaking

Apologies for the workshop snap (generic pictures of people sticking up post its just miiiight have been done before?), but we reckon it’s justified when an office looks like this.

The shot was taken during Nicola and Tamika’s visit to The Nue Co NYC, last week. Needless to say it didn’t take long for the design libations/🙌s to start pouring in.

Office interior envy. It’s most definitely a thing.

But you haven’t got all day, and there’s some juicy Bulletin-ing to be done. #185, is that you?

B+A Brilliance

Kelsey’s just got back from a week of mountain scrambling, wild exploration and ethnographic research in/near Tokyo. Here’s your teaser. Tough gig, right?

Bounce now to the other end of the spectrum: when she had a free moment back in the city, Kelsey was swimming through the immersive world of digital art at teamLab Borderless. It is a very extraordinary place – you should definitely check it out. The only drawback? Forced confrontation with our sadly IG-obsessed reality – there’s not a handless phone in sight.

B+A Books etc.

Looking for a major B+A key? Always make time for Gal. More than the engine room, he’s the whole damn ship keeping us afloat (and in front of all the other ships too for that matter). 

And Gal recommends you listen to this podcast about Patty McCord, former chief talent officer at Netflix. In it Patty talks frankly about how Netflix created its famously high-achieving,  yet cut-throat, internal culture. It’s a really insightful delve into the formation of a truly divergent company. Thanks Patty, thanks Gimlet Media (whose podcasts are always excellent), and thanks Gal.

[And for Elliot’s hot take on the podcast industry, this is the link you need.]

B+A Big Up

Extinction Rebellion, first mentioned a few months back, have had a pretty wild couple of weeks. They’ve been protesting across London, peacefully disrupting business-as-usual in the name of protecting Mother Earth. And almost 1,000 of them have been arrested in the process (dw, that was the aim).

But it’s a two-pronged approach: behind the scenes, XR’s sister organisation Earth Protectors is petitioning the International Criminal Court to get Ecocide recognised as a crime at a global level.

Not a small task, then. We salute you all.

B+A Bye…

Ok see ya!

…nah, we couldn’t say goodbye without giving a quick shout out to the Portland Trailblazers. Lillard: that sh*t was epic.


Team B+A