Vanilla Social, UK Sport Playbook, Dominique Kirkby & HoSB Countless Actions (B+A Bulletin #165)

Vanilla Social, UK Sport Playbook, Dominique Kirkby & HoSB Countless Actions (B+A Bulletin #165)

B+A Breaking


There’s all sorts of creative goings-on here in the studio, the above being a suitably mysterious nod to just one of them. Think cardboard cutouts, puppetry, smoke grenades and talking balls of string, and you might just get it. No? Ok maybe that was too cryptic – just let us enjoy the suspense for a few weeks before the grand reveal….

^That was the intro, and this is B+A Bulletin #165.

B+A Brilliance

Ever taken to Twitter to empty your emotional diaper about your client/boss/Brexit? Enter Vanilla, a new service launched last week (so fresh it’s still in Beta form). Vanilla sifts through all your socials, based on self-set parameters, allowing you to present your best self online. Take that nosy bosses/Mark Zuckerberg’s sticky fingers.

B+A Books etc.

Our B+A bookshelf is creaking! Over the past few months we have been super lucky to work with UK Sport, getting to know and celebrating their values (inspiration), ambitions (big) and people (passionate!). Together, in one afternoon we designed what is the best (probably) company culture guide in the UK. The UK Sport mission is to inspire a nation. Well, we consider ourselves truly inspired. Thank you.

B+A Big Up

Recognise any of these mops? Bet you do… they’re the work of the brilliant Dominique Kirkby, who we’ve had in the office with us for a few days scribbling, animating, discovering and generally experiencing all the werk.

Oh yeah, and that drawing above – did we mention she only had a minute for each one?

B+A Babble

Privilege, intersectionality, inclusion…the dialogue around these big issues is red hot right now, and rightly so. But cutting through the theory to find tangible actions is a lot harder to do. So thanks to the House of St Barnabas, and particularly to their insightful speakers Bridget Minamore and Vinay Patel, for a golden discussion last night on the real barriers to inclusion in the arts – including harnessing the power of critics. There’s one more event left in their series – and it’s a goodun.

B+A Bye…

See ya!

Team B+A