Video Games, Trains & Creative Brains (B+A Bulletin #225)

Video Games, Trains & Creative Brains (B+A Bulletin #225)

B+A Breaking

Playtime’s over kids. It’s time to open the toy box.

Some readers might have had the pleasure of working with these satisfyingly tactile tools with B+A crew of late – they’re now a stalwart in our workshop roster for creative problem solving (and trust me, Andrew’s doing all he can to get that sh*t trademarked).

Anyway, here’s B+A London getting locomotively strategic of a Monday morning. Coz we don’t save all the fun for clients.

Next stop, Bulletin #225…

B+A Brilliance is pretty cool. It’s an idea management tool for collecting, collating and curating ideas, for deeper and more creative thinking. 

Ok ok, that’s a pretty broad description. Way easier for you to check it out for yourself – we’d recommend starting with their beautiful insta – each post is a thoughtful collection of images exploring a single concept. Yummy.

B+A Babble

After reading this from Quartz Obsession, we’ve been chatting office layouts and their impact on work culture. Interesting. Afterwards, Georgia dug deeper and uncovered this surreal invention, “a cubicle for your face!”, from a pretty dystopic Panasonic. The plot thickens.And after that, thinking about the 21st Century desire for isolation reminded me of an essay written a while back on iPod culture and how headphones dictate how we experience space. Now that’s juicy.

And if all this gets your ears pricked and links clicked – let’s chat! I mean – let’s face it, it’s kinda niche…

B+A Books etc.

In 2019, video games accounted for more than half of all UK entertainment revenues – with the games sector worth more than both music and video combined. So it begs a question: (in financial terms, at least) how has the gaming industry got it so right? 

We’ve been lucky enough to work on a bunch of projects that have got inside gaming, and taken it well beyond the console. Based on this, we did what we do: we’ve written a book to share what we’ve learned. Level Up is a quick guide to gaming culture for brands and companies sitting on the outside who would like to learn and understand more about the gaming audience. Wanna find out more? Elliot wrote a neat blog postabout Level Up, and wants you to nab a copy of your very own.

B+A Big Up

We ain’t finished with the crew content, soz. Because right now it’s Kelsey’s video moment in the sun (um ok, PDX mist).

Kels is THE Portland OG. Everyones fav project companion. Wanna know what she’s about? Click the vid. It’s an open goal.

B+A Bye…

Last stop I’m afraid guys. 

But guess what. Today, February 19th, is my BIRTHDAY. Isn’t that swell?

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