B+A Bulletin #199 – We are still stronger together.

B+A Bulletin #199 – We are still stronger together.

B+A Breaking

Hey there. So pleased to have you here, with us, right now!

The image you see before you is a real work of passion, and is something close to our hearts. It’s the very shiny new Samsung space at the heart of Coal Drops Yard (you’ll have heard us banging on about that too no doubt).

As of last week, Samsung KX is open for business. And by business, we mean everything but. Pop in, say hi to Ash if she’s around, and keep an eye on their events programme. I have a feeling you’re gonna like what you see.

Onwards, upwards. It’s Bulletin #199. The augmented dominant seventh, pregnant with anticipation.

B+A Brilliance

Last week the powerhouse Women Like Me team joined up with B+A London to host an even on the art of storytelling, representation and the BAME experience. Because as founder Melissa Wills says with beautiful direction: “To move as a collective, BAME women need spaces to have conversations free from constructs.” We’re simply grateful to have been a part of it.

B+A Books etc.

This one comes live and direct from Nic, who’s been waxing lyrical about The Sunday Paper this week. And we’re grateful for it! It’s not often you come across an elegant publication, filled with thoughtfully directed content, that’s sent to your door each week for free by a pyjama company. Scrap that, it’s neverthat you come across that. Sign up here.

B+A Babble

It’s getting very real now… just by reading this you are one step closer to discovering what’s hidden in the Hotfoot treasure trove. Aren’t you desperate to see what we’re babbling on about?

Stay curious. Keep an eye on our Insta. And come back next week. 

B+A Big Up

Isn’t it just the best when going to an event results in meeting someone genuinely brilliant. And so it was when Alex met Alex (soz). Alex runs Lovers, a design collective based New York and London that brings together creative professionals to work on projects they really care about – with all their integrity and their whole hearts.

It’s the dawning of a new collectivism. Because despite today’s individualist zeitgeist, we are still stronger together.

Oh and if anyone out there is feeling generous. Lovers designed these pyjamas and NIC WANTS THEM. (Second Nic/pyjama reference today…weird.)

B+A Bye…

At B+A we care a lot about the beauty in the seemingly ordinary – but everyone loves a milestone. So you know next week is going to be special.

See you there.

Luke and Team B+A