Your Magic, Do It NowNow + Robi’s got some news! (B+A Bulletin #278)

Your Magic, Do It NowNow + Robi’s got some news! (B+A Bulletin #278)

B+A Breaking

Hi there 🙂 it’s Robi! And that’s me up there, (virtually) graduating from my first Yoga Teacher Training! I know it’s like, really not cool, to toot your own horn… But toot toot.

This Winter I put in 200hrs of study and practice. And i’ve been bringing it home, teaching 45 minute classes to the B+A crew every week! If you’d like to learn more about my practice, or just yoga in general, send me an email, I’d totally love it. 

Now that i’ve gotten some heartfelt pat-on-the-backs from you all, let’s get into it. What’ve we got in Bulletin #278??

B+A Brilliance

By now, you’ve heard about Samsung Not A School, our ongoing education partnership with, yep, Samsung. This Brilliance tag is highlighting the work of one of our Not A School mentors, Taz Latif. Taz is currently helping to source partnerships for Do It Now Now, an organization who run multi-year programmes/mentorships for under-represented groups, with a focus on Black individuals. Does this sound like something you and your org might be interested in? If so, let me know and I’ll pass on Taz’s details!

B+A Books etc.

Your Magic is a podcast created and hosted by friend and author, Michelle Tea. The podcast is relatively new, but so far there have only been BADASS womxn on the mic, speaking on art, self-care, emotions, sensuality.. everything GOOD. And this week Roxanne Gay popped on the pod. What’s the topic? Heartache: Is “soul-mate” a once in a lifetime thing, or is that thinking preventing us accessing intimacy with much more richness, depth, and sustainability? Peep the convo. Not into “magic” – consider it research. 

B+A Babble

So… what’s your relationship to social media these days? According to this Vox article, people feel all sides of the spectrum. Scrolling more, posting less. It’s a news source, and it’s a trigger. People are loving TikTok, and equally feel burdened by the pressures of IG and Facebook. Has it provided a safe place for you personally to express yourself and connect with loved ones in this isolating time, has it become a generator of content that makes you feel more alone? Or is it, as always, somewhere in the middle.. 

B+A Big Up

This might be big news for those of yall not in the know, but Elliot‘s dad, Rikki Stein, was the manager for legendary Fela Kuti.  Rikki shared with us this week that Fela has been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! From now until April 30 there’s a public vote being held to invite Fela in (where he undoubtedly belongs). He’s on a list of 16 other musicians and fans votes will decide the 5 who are inducted. Be part of making it happen by registering and voting.

“Let’s collectively enable Fela to take his rightful place among the pantheon of 20th Century’s most iconic actors!” – Rikki Stein 

B+A Bye…

Spring is springing and we’re so happy to be sharing it with all of you. You’re killin’ it. 

Robi + Team B+A